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Ranking my Disney Pixar movies

10. Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2
“Suit up, it might get weird.”

Starting off my Top 10 is the super long awaited sequel, Incredibles 2. Still feels like a throwback while also fresh, Incredibles 2 hits all the notes of the original and builds off Pixar’s first superhero family. Me being a superhero freak may have made me a little biased and had me ranked this higher than maybe more deserving movies but I thought this one was great. Watched it twice in the theater and enjoyed every minute of it.

9. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc

If you didn’t feel something when Boo yells out “Kitty!!!” you do not have a soul.

Monster’s, Inc. is probably one of Pixar’s more cuter offerings. I enjoyed the chemistry between Mike and Sully (shoutout to fellow Clipper fan Billy Crystal). The premise goes like this – Monsters in kids’ closets harvest kids’ screams to power their world, and on the job one of these kids accidentally ends up in Sully’s care. The whole accidental-caretaker plot device has been done before but never as fun as it is here. The world they built here really captures your imagination. And once again, if you don’t feel something by the movie’s end, you do not have a soul.

8. Ratatouille

“If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”

Ratatouille makes me hungry by the movie’s end. Also, if you got a dream don’t let anyone stop you from chasing it. That’s my takeaway from this movie.

Patton Oswalt is great as the movie’s lead. The animation is astounding. The whole movie is charming in every way. What a concept! A rat who’s into fine cooking and dreams of being a chef in Paris. Who thinks of this stuff?

Another great feel good movie with very few flaws if any.

7. Inside Out

Inside Out
“Remember the funny movie where the dog died?”

Pixar’s gotten pretty good with tugging at your emotions by now, so they figured why not make a story about personified feelings?

Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness make up gang in this one and we learn just how important everyone is to your own psyche. We need em all, and the older we get we learn how they intertwine.

That’s life, it’s not all sunshines and rainbows, it’s not all joy. And that’s okay. That’s why I loved Inside Out.

6. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo
“Just keep swimming!”

I so wanted to own an aquarium after watching Finding Nemo.

Super heartwarming story about the love a dad has for his son and how he’ll stop at nothing to reunite with him, but at the same time learning how to let go and trust the process.

Oh, and the first 5 minutes will get you a little teary-eyed.

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