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Observations While Rewatching The Spider-Man Trilogy

Spider-Man [2002]

2000’s comic book movie intro. Classic.

About the radioactive spider: so this spider was just chillin in the main observation room, no terrarium, just in the ceiling with a huge spider web. Was no one bitten by this spider? Maybe Peter Parker was the chosen one… but how did these scientists just leave this spider out? Holy shht… Did anyone else get bitten by the free-roaming spider? It’s still alive and roaming the facility by the time the scene cuts away.

First look at Oscorp’s “Glider” project.. so a team of dozens of scientists and specialists did not recognize the glider being used when Green Goblin runs amok on New York City? At least one of them would have released a YouTube conspiracy video about Oscorp’s cover-up or some shht. Maybe we can assume every single employee was murdered who was involved with the project.

Did you know Tobey Maguire actually had to catch all this stuff? I thought it was a fun little movie fact. It took him literally ALL DAY to get this shot right and it almost didn’t make it to the final cut of the movie. 156 takes. Crazy.

Awww… Rest in peace Randy Savage. Oooooohhh yeah… So in this universe is wrestling real? Because they’re really selling it like it is. Or maybe it’s just colorful mixed martial arts with costumes.

“I missed the part where that’s my problem.”

Let’s be fair… that wrestling manager was a dick and he just shafted Peter out of $2,900. Maybe it’s just me – If you got cheated out of an advertised $3,000 and only got a $100 out of the deal, you’d be pissed, and consequently you’d be delighted karma paid off immediately right before your eyes. I mean, right, butterfly effect – if he stopped the robber maybe Uncle Ben would have lived but still.

Eyes up here, Elizabeth.
Remember Macy Gray?
All the people he ran by didn’t notice a random kid changing into a Spider-Man suit.
You have to admit, Willem Dafoe really sells the crazy look. His crazy face is the stuff of nightmares.

You do realize she’s still with Harry at this point of the movie right? I mean, Peter’s always liked her but Harry is his best friend and roommate. MJ doesn’t know this guy, just a dude who’s saved her life 2 for 2. And the next day she’s with Harry for dinner like nothing happened. Emotionally cheating on Harry at this point.

Harry’s a dumbass at this point. He walks in on Peter and MJ at Aunt May’s hospital room and gets all jealous because they’re closer than he’d like. But hear me out, Aunt May is in the hospital! Peter is being consoled by a friend. Anyway, shortly after he tells his dad about it and then Mary Jane gets kidnapped by the Green Goblin. Harry, you didn’t think to connect any dots here?

New Yorkers for Spider-Man… a common theme every Spidey movie.
Don’t tell Harry.

I thought the movie ended on a decent note. Peter effectively friendzones MJ, rightfully so after what she did to Harry. But could no one connect any of the dots? It all seems so obvious that Norman was the Goblin and Peter is Spider-Man, at least it should’ve been obvious to MJ, Harry and even Aunt May. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

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