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Observations While Rewatching The Spider-Man Trilogy

Spider-Man 2 [2004]

Just in case you missed what happened in the first Spider-Man movie, the intro does a great job at recapping it all for you.

Pizza time!

Damn, I kinda want pizza now.

Hey, wasn’t it mentioned in the first movie he was working for Dr. Connors and then fired? Now he’s studying under him. Something kinda cool.

Spider-Man 2 really drives in the point that life as a superhero really really sucks. He keeps losing jobs, misses his classes and misses his rent payments because he’s always busy saving people. I think any normal human being would have quit being a hero by now and just stand in Times Square for ph-… wait, you think any of those Times Squares superheros are actually heros who are short on rent due to being a hero and take photos with tourists for the money??

“Cool Spidey outfit.”

I get that Dr. Octavius is working on some cool shit like harnessing the power of a fusion reaction but how come nobody is impressed by having four independent AI robot arms? That’s a crazy invention in itself! The applications of having limbs neurologically controlled are limitless and everyone in attendance of Doc’s presentation is like, meh. Show us the fusion…


Okay, this scene is amazing. Full of terror. It’s like the only time Sam Raimi gets to play up his horror background and go nuts in one scene.


I think Aunt May figures out Peter is Spidey here. Peter flees the scene shortly after saving them from a vault door and Spider-Man shows up immediately after. Aunt May gets coincidentally kidnapped to be the damsel-in-distress and Spidey saves her and they talk for like 2 seconds. Surely Aunt May would knew the voice of her nephew… Spidey flings away and it’s not shown in the movie but I’m sure Peter shows up all winded like, uh… what happened while I was being a bitch? No.. I’m pretty sure Aunt May didn’t ask any questions because she’s a G.

“Am I supposed to have what I want? What I need? What am I supposed to do?”

I felt that shit.

Like I said earlier, this movie really drives home the fact being a hero kinda sucks. He finally traded out his superhero digs to try to live a normal life but in the end it’s underwhelming. Which way does he go?

Oh, and right after that scene, we get Peter talking with Aunt May, who pretty much tells Peter to man up and be Spider-Man again, because Aunt May is a G.

“My back… my back…”

I remember laughing my ass off in the theater when I saw this. It’s especially funny when you know Tobey Maguire almost dropped out of this movie because he hurt his back during filming of Seabiscuit.

What was Doc Ock’s play here? What if Peter Parker didn’t have the reflexes of a cat to save his own life and killed him? Harry explicitly says “don’t hurt Peter!”, plus he would’ve needed Peter Parker to tell Spider-Man where to find Doc Ock, no? It’s a cool scene regardless. Oh, and MJ, girl, I hope you know that’s Spider-Man saving your ass. 3 for 3 now. By the end of this movie, 4 for 4.

And why does he still take her hostage after delivering Spider-Man to Harry? Ughh..

The train battle is amazing from start to finish. Nothing really else to say about it.

By the end of this movie, let’s see where we’re at… MJ and Harry finally figure out who Spider-Man is, Doc Ock almost destroys the New York and then saves it, and Peter and MJ finally get together.

Harry’s still a dumbass though.

How is it Harry figures out his father was the horrible Green Goblin and yet has no questions for Pete, just cold hard revenge? How does Norman talk to his son from beyond the grave? Are ghosts a thing in this universe? Because there’s no other way to explain his conversation with the Goblin. “AVENGE ME!!!!” All it does is make for a good cliffhanger.

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